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Moving abroad and becoming an expat opens up a number of investment opportunities which would otherwise remain out of reach. This is one reason why retiring in a different country is becoming increasingly popular among soon-to-be pensioners.

As an expat, you could earn supplementary income while also benefitting from tax-efficient savings, and in turn, boosting your pension pot.

That said, you shouldn't start packing your life up just yet and finding that dream home in the sun (or snow, depending on your preference), you should first do some research and make sure you have the means to maintain the comfortable lifestyle you are used to, even in a different country.

That's where deVere India can help.

With years’ worth of experience, providing trusted financial advice to a growing number of expatriates, we are the perfect fit to help you make the most out of your overseas retirement.

We are certain that you have a number of financial questions you want to ask, including queries about how your pension can work for you, so we will assign you your very own independent financial adviser, who will help you start planning your retirement in a way that will benefit you, addressing any problems or issues you may have.

deVere India understands that each client is different in their own unique ways. Everyone has different needs and goals for their retirement. That is why with deVere India, you will have one-to-one sessions to iron out the details of your retirement plan. The sooner you start planning and saving, the sooner you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from financial independence and security, well after you stop working.

If you are interested in finding out more about how to maximise your overseas retirement, please contact deVere India, the only expatriate focused specialist boutique independent advisor licensed by SEBI and The Exchange Commission.

Contact deVere India today for a no-obligation consultation.