At deVere we work in the business of helping people. Everything we do as a company revolves around the idea of adding value and improving people's prospects in life.

As a global leader in financial services, we understand the enormity of our responsibility to operate as more than just a business. We continuously strive to have a positive impact both socially & environmentally.

On this page, we take a look at some of the recent positive impact activities that have been going on around the company.

Think Pink

Every year offices across the deVere Group network conduct a "Think Pink" day to raise awareness for breast cancer. Each year, the company raise a large amount which is sent to cancer charities to help the fight against cancer.

We also use this day as an opportunity to educate employees and clients on the various ways they can financially protect themselves and their families from the threat of serious illness.

Breast Cancer Awareness Seminars

deVere Acuma teamed up with Kings College Dubai to host a breast cancer awareness day. We were honoured to welcome Dr Millicent Bello who conducted an eye-opening seminar for staff, clients and the general public. Dr Bello discussed the ways in which people can self-test themselves, spot early signs and look out for others.

Yoga & Life Insurance event

deVere Acuma teamed up with Karma Yoga at the stunning FIVE Palm Jumeriah to host a yoga & protection morning. Those who attended enjoyed a delicious breakfast & relaxing yoga session. Following the session, Thomas Willingham, an area manager from deVere Client Service's department discussed protection planning and the affordable ways in which clients can cover their families.

Discounted health & wellness memberships for deVere client's

The importance of health cannot be overstated. As a company we assist our clients in growing their wealth, however, we reiterate the message, that wealth can only be enjoyed if you are in good health.

deVere Kudos, deVere's client rewards program offers clients in various locations discounted access to health and wellness memberships including Les Mills, Fit Republik, Studio Republik, Ucryo, Vault Fitness and many more. Download the app for the full details.

Green office initiative

In 2020 deVere launched the Green Office Initiative, the purpose of this was to cut down our waste in all our offices around the world. This involved the distribution of reusable water bottles, opting for paperless client documents via DocuSign and PanaDoc, the use of senor lighting, minimising international travel and choosing to teleconference instead and switching all printers to black and white default settings.

ESG investing

As a company we not only recognise the importance of ESG investing, but we also believe in it as an excellent way for clients to make returns whilst following their ethical alignment.

We offer clients the ability to invest in a range of different ESG products including fixed income products, index trackers, ESG companies & clean-energy mutual funds.

Philippines disaster aid package

The deVere Group organised a donation for the worst affected areas in the Philippines in 2020 when Super Typhoon Goni smashed the shores of certain islands. The deVere Group's employees pooled together to donate crucial supplies to be sent via ship. As Typhoon Goni struck in early November, a short time before Christmas, deVere employees also sent presents for the children in the impacted areas.

Ramadan fridges

deVere employees in Dubai organised a fundraiser for the Ramadan Sharing Fridges initiative. This is done to provide less fortunate people with much-needed supplies during the holy month of Ramadan. In 2019 there were more than 130 fridges registered for the Ramadan Sharing Fridges.