India has highest number of Amazon job openings in Asia-Pacific

14 Jan 2019

packageA recent change in government policies has evidently not impacted Amazon’s track record in India.

Data on the company’s website has revealed that Amazon boasts the greatest number of job openings in India when compared with the rest of Asia-Pacific – with three times as many openings as in China.

Outside Asia-Pacific and excluding homeground US, Germany is the only country which seemingly has as many openings as India.

Amazon has almost 1,300 openings in India, across different roles and sectors. To further highlight the significance of this number, one must observe the amount of job openings in countries such as China, where there are 467, or Japan, which has 381. Australia and Singapore follow with 250 and 174, respectively.

At the end of 2018, Amazon employed more than 60,000 people in India. Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Chennai are three hotspots in which a great number of employees are hired.

The company in India is reportedly expanding beyond its e-commerce and cloud business, The Times of India reports. Areas such as payments, content, voice-assistance, food retail and customer support are all advancing.

A company spokeswoman described India as a strong talent location for Amazon. She said that Amazon teams in the country conjure creative solutions and work on complex business challenges, specifically in areas such as payments, transportation and digital products.

She went on to say: "With our constant growth, we are always looking for some exceptional talent across levels in areas of software development, product & marketing, machine learning, quality assurance, web development, product management, supply chain, content development, operations studio & photography and for other positions in the India consumer business. We have created thousands of skilled and semi-skilled jobs in India over the past decade.”