Renewable plants to be planted on western border

17 Oct 2019

India may be on its way to becoming greener, amid growing awareness on climate change. Bloomberg reports that the country is considering building renewable plants on the western border to increase the amount of clean energy produced. 

30 gigawatts of renewable energy capacity may be built across Gujarat and Rajasthan. The areas selected were chosen due to their exposure to sun, wind and dry weather. Most countries from all over the globe have started to make changes and initiatives to reduce the amount of fossil fuels produced and lessen carbon emissions, which pollute the environment and the air quality. 

Sources stated that discussions took place during a meeting in Gujarat last week. 

Authorities in India struggle to find a suitable piece of land for renewable projects. Attempts to find land that is not used for agriculture purposes have been made but have not always turned out to be successful. 

Therefore, India will be carrying out a project in the north, installing 25 gigawatts of solar projects, together with storage capacity in Ladakh, according to the power minister R.K. Singh. 

The country has been looking at ways to improve the air quality and use greener sources for power. India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi promised to reduce emissions intensity of the country’s GDP by a third by 2030.