India and U.S. trade deal close

07 Nov 2019

A trade deal is expected to be signed between the U.S. and India by the end of 2019, which would have India exempted from high tariffs that were imposed by Washington on steel and aluminium products. 

On Wednesday, Manoj Kumar Mohapatra, Minister (Commerce) in the Embassy of India in Washington stated that he is “quite optimistic” that a trade deal is to take place. Commerce and Industry Minister Piyush Goyal will be visiting Washington in the coming week to elaborate discussions. 

Speaking at the Consulate General of India, New York. The Minister said, “We have held several discussions with the US Trade Representative office and Ambassador Robert Lighthizer for the trade talks.” The planed trip will consist of visits to both New York and Washington. 

Mohapatra explained, “We will be continuing our trade talks. We are quite committed that before the closing of this year, we will be having an agreement which will be giving a boost to further our trade relationship.” 

Optimism comes around due to a strong relationship between the two nations; Both the sides are quite optimistic that the trade deal would be inked before the end of the year."  

Previously, U.S. President Donald Trump had said, “I think very soon. We are doing very well. (US Trade Representative) Robert Lighthizer who is right here negotiating with India ... I think, very soon we will have a trade deal… We will have a larger deal down the road...but we will have a trade deal.”