10 interesting facts about India

01 Aug 2018

Greenery in IndiaHere are 10 interesting facts about India that you probably did not know!


-    There are more than 1600 languages known in India, and it is estimated that 850 languages are spoken on a daily basis.

-    The game of chess was invented in India. It was once known as Chaturanga.

-    India’s national animal is The Bengal Tiger.

-    Every major world religion is practiced in India, making it a very diverse country.

-    Indian weddings are decorated with marigold flowers, which represent happiness and good fortune.

-    An internationally-known festival in India is Holi – a celebration of the victory of good over evil. It lasts for two days and is known as the festival of colours, as people celebrate by throwing coloured powder at each other.

-    70% of the world’s spices originate from India.

-    India has the world’s largest movie industry, where almost all Bollywood movies are musicals.

-    India is the world’s largest tea producer. Tea is the country’s most popular beverage.

-    India has the largest population of vegetarians in the world.